A place for covers that don't have a place in the DVD Profiler database


A platform to share covers of DVDs and Blu-rays that aren't submittable to the DVD Profiler Database because they are either from a inner cover where a slipcover is present or retouched to please the eye of the beholder or custom made.


If you search for a certain title you can either browse through the categories or use the search on the right side and enter the title or the UPC/EAN there.
Once you have found a cover-pair or cover-set to your liking you can download them by right-clicking on the full sized version and choose "Save as". Alternatively you can add the covers to you 'Favorites' and download those in a single ZIP-file.


Browsing and downloading is available to everyone.
You can upload covers anonymously to a non-browseable album were they stay until the administrator approves them and moves them to a fitting category. Either name the files appropriately or upload an additional text-file with the needed information.
Or you register an account that would allow you to directly create the album in the appropriate category and upload the covers. To get such a login click on the 'Register'-button at the top or PM me on the DVD Profiler Forum.
Please provide a name/nick that should be shown as uploader of the pictures in the gallery and a valid email-address so I can send you your initial password.

What to contribute

The size of the picture should be between 500x700 and 1000x1400 for DVDs and between 500x600 and 1000x1200 for BDs. Please do not upload pictures that are substantially larger or smaller. Also do not include spines with either of the covers or as an extra picture.

How to contribute

The naming scheme for 'Title' is: movie-title - UPC - Region - Locality
- movie-title: title of the DVD or Blu-ray, articles like "The", "A" or "Das" have to be appended so alphabetical sorting works.
- UPC: the UPC, EAN or Disc-ID
- Region: the Region where the media originates, e.g. only R1 for all US DVDs, only A for all US Blu-rays even if the title is code-free.
- Locality: the Country where the media originates, e.g. US for United States of America or DE for Germany

For registered user:
I will explain the contribution procedure by example of my "The Dark Knight" Blu-ray re-release cover:
To sort titles correctly the article has to be appended, so the movie-title is: "Dark Knight, The". I log in and go to 'Create / order my albums', select the category 'D' under 'Re-release', and press 'New Album' and enter the Title: " Dark Knight, The - 7321900247535 - B - UK" and press 'OK'.
(If nothing happens after you pressed 'OK' simply reload the page and the new directory appears.) Now I click on the Upload file icon (Upload file) behind the directory name and start uploading. I use 'Multiple files - HTML5-driven',enter keywords (usually my Nick and the Media-Type, see also 'Insert from List), choose the files and upload.
Little oddity: Coppermine by default uses the last picture uploaded to an album as the thumbnail for it, so upload the frontcover last! You can change the thumbnail manually in 'Album properties' or 'Modify my albums', but that would be extra work.

For unregistered user: click 'Upload file', choose album '0 Guestupload' and put your files there.


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